Effective reading time

Have you ever wondered what is the best time of day to read a book? If you are not familiar with effective reading times, then seek the advice of experts.

Effective reading time

According to scientists, there are many times of the day suitable for reading depending on factors such as age group, work, psychology, … but there are 2 periods of time that are considered “golden times”. “for reading:

Morning around 8-9 o’clock
First, For young people who are still busy with work, this is reading time for weekends. Morning is the time when our brain is most active because it has been rested for a long time at night. Just 1 hour of reading every weekend morning is definitely the best medicine for yourself to feel relaxed and calm after a busy working week.

Second, This is an extremely good time for retired people, the elderly have free time every day. With a little brain activity at each book session, it will make the brain of the elderly to be more sensitive, moreover it is also the most effective medicine to help reduce dementia in old age.

Evening from 9-10 o’clock – Ideal time to read books

According to scientists, the evening is the best time for you to read because it is quiet. Evening is when the mood is completely relaxed after a day of studying and working, the surrounding space is dark, making us focus better in reading. In particular, for those who are active at night, it is advisable to spend a quiet hour reading a book to make themselves more calm, then resume work will make the work better completed by time. Reading books will give your brain a break and give you more energy.

You can apply many ways to read such as sitting on the bed leaning against the bed to make it more comfortable or you can sit in a chair to get yourself more serious and focused depending on each person’s habits.

These are the times when scientists recommend people to read books. However, each person will often arrange for themselves the most suitable time to read effectively, but if it is not reasonable, you can refer to the time period that scientists recommend reading. Along with a reasonable time arrangement, you also need to choose good books to suit your time and work, be it paper books or e-books to achieve the best results!

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