Standard maintenance procedures for machinery and equipment?

How is maintenance different from maintenance?

Usually people will maintain and maintenance is the same in terms of definitions as well as activities. It is true that these two concepts refer to technical care. Employees will have to adjust, repair or replace some components and details inside the machine. However, maintenance and upkeep are not the same thing.

What is maintenance?

Maintenance will be carried out during the period when machinery and equipment have failed. The employee will take actions to restore the machine to a certain condition. If the damage is too severe, the internal parts will have to be replaced.

What is maintenance?

Maintenance is the task of taking care of the equipment periodically and regularly so that the equipment does not happen to be damaged. This activity is to keep the machine running at its best.

Thus, it can be clearly seen that maintenance includes activities when machinery has broken down and needs to be repaired or replaced. Maintenance is the activity of taking care of the machine from the time it is put into operation. Despite the differences, both maintenance and servicing are basic machinery protection methods applied at the factory. Therefore, they have the same implementation process.

Some methods of maintaining machinery and equipment

In today’s industries, there is the participation of machinery and equipment. In order for the machine to operate efficiently, it must be maintained regularly. Often people will rely on the condition of the machine to give the appropriate method and process of repairing machinery and equipment.

Maintenance and maintenance of machinery in a certain time

This is the standard method applied in many factories and enterprises. To check the machine first, the employee must compare the manufacturer’s original parameters with the current condition.

Tùy vào tình trạng máy mà sẽ có những cách thức bảo dưỡng riêng

Then there will be periodic replacements with specific components according to a pre-scheduled schedule. Today, many businesses have applied software to manage and track maintenance on each type of machine.

Repair and maintenance when machinery is damaged

Usually at retail establishments, equipment repair will be applied after the machine has been damaged. Their routine maintenance is just oil change and grease. This is a method that is considered harmful to the machine and expensive for the business.

Based on the machine condition for maintenance and maintenance

This is the periodic activity of professional companies that is monitored by the system for processing. Regular inspection and periodic maintenance of machinery can accurately diagnose the problem that is being encountered. Determining to replace components or handle any problems will have a specific plan to stop or continue to let the machine operate.

Quy trình bảo trì bảo dưỡng máy móc thiết bị đúng chuẩn?

Of the three methods listed, this method is the most effective. It usually applies to businesses that must ensure absolute safety. Or machines that need to operate continuously for many hours.

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Purpose of maintenance and maintenance activities

Before going into understanding the maintenance process of machinery and equipment, it is necessary to review the purpose of this activity:

– There are tests, check the running ability as well as the optimal temperature of the machine.

– Determine the maximum maintainability of each device.

– Collect machine data from the time it is put into operation to the point of failure.

– Know when to replace important components in the machine.

– Know the warranty period as well as the cost of each warranty.

– Learn about the most suitable spare parts.

– Analyze the types of adverse effects affecting machinery. From there, the technical department will research and come up with a suitable solution.

– Analyze the damage that will occur to come up with the least restrictive plan.

– Investigate unexpected machine failures that will occur.

– Predict the distribution of time from use to failure of each type of machinery.

– Explore to determine ways to reduce damage to the remaining components in the device.

– Research other repair options when the current plan is not effective.

Standard equipment maintenance procedures

Regardless of the problem when embarking on change, there must be a specific process. Moreover, machines have a lot of important parts, just a little wrong will have great consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to have a standard maintenance process for machinery and equipment. And the steps taken are applicable to both the maintenance process of industrial equipment as well as any other type of machine.

Set goals to be achieved when embarking on maintenance

The biggest goal of maintenance is to make sure the machines stay in top condition. The maintenance work of machinery needs to perform a full range of tasks including:

– Make the machine quality better.

quy trình sửa chữa máy móc thiết bị


– The source of repair costs at the lowest level.

– Complete all work within the framework.

– There are solutions to ensure safety and protect the environment.

To achieve that, before embarking on repairs, it is necessary to have a suitable plan. Only in this way can we comply with production and business conditions at enterprises.

Set up a specific plan

In order to have the best plan, it must be based on the device condition. Often engineers will classify machines according to the following levels:

– Survival equipment: With these types of machines, it is necessary to have a backup maintenance plan according to the condition. At the same time, it is still necessary to combine regular maintenance for the machine to operate stably.

– Critical machinery: This type will apply maintenance according to the condition of the equipment. Must prepare a plan to repair and replace components when showing signs of damage. With a machine that has not had the opportunity to check, you must start “examination” immediately.


phân loại máy móc để sửa chữa

– Support equipment: This type usually applies the method of repair and recovery only. Because it is not too important for production work at the unit.

– Maintenance and repair of the whole factory: This time is considered to be used to check and restore any outstanding damage. According to regulations, this can only be done when the factory is closed for several days. For tools and equipment that are prone to fire and explosion, they must be stopped immediately.

Identify the parts involved in maintenance and maintenance

This is important work in an implementation process. Will include the following parts:

– Planning department: There will be many highly skilled and experienced engineers to propose repair materials. In addition, there are periodic maintenance plans, inspection and repair plans for the entire enterprise.

– Execution department: Participating in both engineers and workers to perform direct repair stages.

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