What is plastic injection molding machine, plastic injection molding machine?

What is a plastic injection molding machine and what is a plastic injection molding machine? These are 2 good concepts that are 1, please follow the detailed article content below.

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There will be a lot of people having trouble finding the concepts of plastic manufacturing industry because they don’t understand the core essence. For example, plastic injection mold and plastic injection mold are two terms with different names, but they are actually the same thing, and it is reasonable to call them any name. Just like that, many people think that plastic injection molding machine and plastic injection molding machine are completely different, but in fact, it is just a single concept.

What is a plastic injection molding machine?

Plastic injection molding machine (or plastic injection molding machine or glue injection machine) is a specialized machine in the process of creating mass plastic products by automatic injection-injection mechanism.

The main plastic injection molding machine is the outer part with a fixed structure design and a hot plastic injection system under great pressure into the mold cavity. A plastic injection molding machine can install many different types of plastic molds but must be of the same size.

Classification of plastic stamping machines

Plastic injection molding machines have many types with different designs. In particular, the horizontal stamping machine and the vertical stamping machine are probably the reason why people easily mistake the stamping machine and the press machine to be different.

In fact, these two types of machines are only different in design, but basically the structure and operating principle are exactly the same. Each type of machine has its own advantages. Specifically:

Horizontal plastic injection molding machine

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Horizontal machines are more common for plastic products than vertical ones. Common household products such as plastic chairs, baskets or accessories for motorbikes are all made from this horizontal plastic stamping machine.

Vertical plastic injection molding machine

Vertical presses occupy an area in height, but are quite compact in width. The area of a horizontal injection molding machine can be placed in parallel with 2 vertical presses.

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The application of vertical plastic stamping machines is mainly in the production of thermal agglomerates, the company makes insert molds, and molds change cores directly on the press.

Mini plastic injection molding machine

Mini plastic injection molding machine is used to extrude small and very small plastic products, often used in the production of phone components…

Mini plastic injection molding machines are smaller in size than conventional stamping machines. That is, it is basically a miniature machine of a large model, the structure, principle, vertical machine or horizontal machine are not different. However, with the mini plastic injection molding machine model, there is also a manual type

Máy ép khuôn nhựa mini thủ công
Máy ép khuôn nhựa mini thủ công


Manual mini plastic injection molding machine is usually applied to small production units.

Depending on the convenience of each type of plastic injection molding machine, people can choose the appropriate one.

Construction of plastic injection molding machine

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Plastic injection molding machine is composed of 2 main parts:

The mold clamp is the part that fixes the mold, creating a large force to keep the mold filled with plastic into the mold cavity and push the product out of the mold.
The plastic injection part consists of a feeding hopper that feeds the plastic granules into the machine to melt into a liquid form. The helical screw will create pressure to push the plastic into the mold cavity through the nozzle.

This is the most basic structure of a plastic injection molding machine.

Working principle of plastic injection molding machine

From the structure of the plastic injection molding machine, it can be visualized that its operation is similar to a needle cylinder.

Put the plastic granules through the hopper into the storage compartment to be melted by the thermocouple system. On the other hand, the thermocouple has the effect of liquefying the solid while keeping the plastic in the liquid state to fill the mold cavity.

The spiral screw acts as a pressure cylinder, so that it passes through the nozzle quickly to fill the mold cavity without air overflowing the surface of the plastic product. The liquid plastic is shaped by the mold and cooled to turn into a solid. After the cooling process is over, the product is taken out.

The advantage of the current advanced plastic injection molding machine is its ability to mold most types of plastic, some thermosetting plastics. Automated plastic injection cycle, high quality plastic injection molding technology, but the price is quite cheap.

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