Quang Ngoc Minh is a company that specializes in marketing renowned and high-quality lubricating grease goods under the Anglomoil brand, which are imported from Australia. Quang Ngoc Minh, an authorized Anglomoil lubricant distributor in Vietnam, provides clients with high-quality goods at competitive pricing. As a result, Quang Ngoc Minh’s reputation among consumers continues to grow, and many customers have expressed their willingness to use the product for a long time. We think that sustainable economic operations will generate money, which we can share and use to build tangible social values.

Despite the fact that Quang Ngoc Minh is a new company, it is developed and run by a vibrant and creative team that values solidarity, attachment, progress, and sharing. Our products not only assure quality, but they also fit the customer’s desired value. Choosing to buy from us and collaborate with us means choosing peace of mind for yourself and your family while also helping us construct future dream libraries for Vietnamese children.

Our products

Quang Ngoc Minh distributes a wide range of high-quality grease products under the Anglomoil brand name. Our products are divided into three categories:

  • Food Grade Lubricants – Lubrication Engineers
  • Industrial oil
  • Agricultural oil

Customers may be confident that the items offered by Quang Ngoc Minh are of obvious and authentic Anglomoil brand origin. Our products are safe, reliable, and ecologically friendly, and they significantly exceed ISO 21469 requirements. Our products are also Halal and Kosher approved, especially for industrial lubricants.

Sales system

Quang Ngoc Minh distributes items around the country with a sales program that includes a variety of incentives, quick delivery, and notably low costs when compared to equivalent quality products on the market.

Our sales system is as follows:

Quang Ngoc Minh is delighted to be of service to you.