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Industrial label printers have the outstanding features of being fast, printing a lot in a short time. Satisfy the printing of high-end labels, large labels, containing a lot of information, … Or need to print in large quantities, print continuously, .. usually used by factories and industrial parks.
If you are looking to learn, plan to invest this type of machine for your company? Below Quang Ngoc Minh has summarized information about industrial label making machines. You can refer to it to be more proactive in making reasonable purchases!


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1. argox label printer

This company has now launched many types of industrial label printers. With many models: l4 series, Mp 2140, ix6-250, ix4- 250, etc. The machines of this company can print a large number of labels. Beautifully designed, with a stainless steel frame for durability. The device also fully supports all kinds of plugs such as USB, wifi, serial, ..
The machines of this company give you complete peace of mind during the printing process. With its super fast speed and smoothness, it gives you the best quality stickers. Besides the beauty, it is user-friendly, so it saves time downloading data.

2. Toshiba stamp printer

This company is known for a wide range of industrial machines. One of the machines of this company that is also used by many people is the industrial printer. Famous for machines like B- EX6T3, B-EX8T, B-EX4D2,…

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The machines of this company are very trusted by everyone. Most of them print based on thermal technology, not using ink like other printers. The machine gives users relatively fast and high productivity. With the best print speed in its class. With a variety of outputs and connection devices, it is extremely convenient to use

3. Industrial label printer Intermec

The industrial printers of this company are also very well known. For example, PX6i, PX4i, PD43c, PM23c, etc. These are Intermec’s machines chosen by many consumers.
Because the machines of this company are also very good, durable and beautiful. With higher performance than other brands’ machines, and high applicability. In addition, the ability to connect wirelessly brings safety to users. Label printers always integrate a lot of smart functions.
With beautiful design, production on advanced lines under strict inspection. This company rarely fails or breaks down. The products of this company are very favorable prices, cheaper than the above brands.siêu thị điện máy hải minh
Each type of machine, each brand will have its own advantages. So sometimes it will make you confused in the selection process. If so, please contact Hai Minh company for more advice from our staff!

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