Learn about the art of oil painting

The concept of “oil painting” is no longer strange to everyone. Up to now, oil painting has become one of the most popular types of paintings known to many people. Then to better understand oil paintings, we will give you some basic information about this line of paintings.

Learn about the art of oil painting

So far, this is a popular line of paintings and is loved by everyone because of its artistic style.

Oil paintings can be painted on wood, metal or canvas, … suitable for decorating homes, restaurants, hotels, hanging pictures in any space from living room, bedroom, dining room, stairs. ladder,…

What is oil painting?

The English word for oil painting is “Oil painting”. This type of painting is called after the painting material is oil painting. Oil painting is a work of art formed in the process of painting pictures through pigments made from oil paints.

Basic oil paintings

Nine people painting

The picture with the image of 9 carp is called the picture of the group of nine fishes or the picture of the assembly of nine fish. Next to the carp will be the image of lotus, magnolia or peony.

In legend, the carp is considered a sacred animal, a symbol of perseverance and endurance. In feng shui, carp is a symbol of health, prosperity, prosperous family.

Painting bowl of code

Bat Ma painting has the image of 8 horses facing the same direction. It represents strength, prosperity, success and unity in a team. Bat Ma painting also symbolizes fullness, endurance, enthusiasm, perseverance, courage and intelligence.

Hanging pictures of horses in the house will bring a lot of luck, fortune and prosperity.

Landscape oil paintings

Tranh sơn dầu Đường Làng

The noise and bustle of the city makes you want to drop your soul into nature, the countryside scenery is gentle and quiet.

With the main color is the yellow color of ripe rice fields. Through the artist’s oil painting, you will live in a rustic and idyllic village space.

Still life painting

Tranh sơn dầu Tĩnh Vật Hoa

More and more customers choose still life oil paintings for interior decoration to create artistic living space.

Chrysanthemum painting creates a feeling of peace and luxury. This is a picture that is not picky about space, so it can be suitable for many different interior spaces.

Above are some basic painting samples, if you want to learn more or want to buy paintings, please contact us immediately.

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