Some notes on operating the corrugated iron cutting machine

Sheet metal cutting machine or hydraulic corrugated iron cutting machine is one of the cutting machines used a lot in civil construction in general because of its convenience as well as its very high accuracy. Operating the corrugated iron cutting machine is not difficult, and at the same time brings high efficiency to the job. However, in order to operate the corrugated iron cutter smoothly, first of all, let’s learn about the principle of the hydraulic system of the corrugated iron cutter.

The system of the sheet metal cutting machine consists of the following parts: pressure regulating valves, solenoid valves and rotary locomotive valves, non-reverse valves and gear pumps. The oil pump will provide the oil pressure used in hydraulic systems, in addition, the working pressure of the machine is regulated by different valves.

Some notes on operating the corrugated iron cutting machine

To cut thick sheets of corrugated iron, we need to adjust the corrugated iron cutter according to the formula available in the product manual of the manufacturer. Because the fluctuating thickness of the corrugated sheet is usually in the range of 0.5 – 6mm, in addition, the blade pressure when the sheet is in contact with the cutting edge is about 450 N/mm square, so we assume the sheet thickness. If it is thinner or thicker than usual, we need to recalculate the angle of the cutting blade so that the corrugated iron cutter works most effectively as well as without problems during use.

The blade clearance, thanks to the flexibility of the blade joint, should be adjusted through a few quick and easy operations. Note that the sheet metal cutter includes a detailed scaling system. It is in front of the girder and at the back of the gauge (on the running control system side). There is a handwheel to adjust this clearance of the blade, along with the clearance index and displayed on the counter.

In addition, the limit check light fitted to the corrugated iron cutter will make the cutting process efficient, as well as it acts as a shield, ensuring the stability of the cutting machine operation.

In general, the structure of the hydraulic corrugated iron cutting machine will make the machine with high rigidity, the cutting process will be stable and accurate, as well as the noise will not be too loud, so it is used very often in civil construction. as well as a number of other industrial sectors. Understanding the principles as well as some of the points to be noted above will help to operate the corrugated iron cutter to achieve the highest efficiency in work.

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